Painting the Fuselage

In November, Heinz Weissenbuehler of M&H Soaring drove from New York to Tennessee to pick up the Concordia fuselage and transport it back to his workshop near Elmira for filling, contouring, painting, and polishing. Click here to read the Soaring Café report.

Since then, Heinz and his crew completed the filling and contouring work and on December 20th, they finished painting the fuselage. Check out the photos posted on the News page at for photos. The fuselage work should be finished by the end of January. Continue to monitor the M&H website for progress updates and photos as work on the fuselage continues.

Concordia fuselage before gel coat application
Concordia fuselage after gel coating

Thanks to Dick for this update and to Heinz and M&H Soaring for posting the photos.